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Like Nothing Else.

Premium Vodka With Fine Bubbles, Natural Fruit Juice & Natural Flavors


110 Calories

It's Not a Seltzer It's a Stilly Stilly

We hear you! We don't like seltzers either! That's why we invented STILLY. Stilly is not your ordinary cocktail in a can; it is an all-new category of adult beverages called a "stilly." By definition a "stilly" is a light and refreshing cocktail made with premium distilled spirits, fine bubbles, a squeeze of natural juices, and all-natural flavors, but what makes it a STILLY is a closely guarded secret. You'll taste the difference.

Real Does Not Mean Natural

REAL only means something exists. Nothing more. That’s why we take pride in using the term NATURAL. NATURAL means something. NATURAL is a promise that there is NOTHING ARTIFICIAL in STILLY. So pick NATURAL, because REAL just isn’t NATURAL.

Flavors Naturally Refreshing

Partymaker+ Cranberry/Lime
Partymaker+ Cranberry / Lime

Did someone say, "P A R T Y"? Stilly has you covered! This inspired cocktail made with Stilly vodka, cranberry, and lime is the perfect combination to kick your taste buds into high gear. It'll put the power in your happy hour .. or any hour, really.

Vibe Machine Grapefruit
Vibe Machine Grapefruit

New on the scene let us introduce the Vibe Machine! It's crisp and bright grapefruit notes mixed with Stilly vodka will bring back moves you didn't even know you had. The sprinkler, the moon walk, or the renegade ... pick a decade ... we know you've still got it! No matter where you're at you can still bring sexy back!

Partymaker+ Cranberry/Lime
The Fuzz Peach

Here comes The Fuzz! You've got 99 problems, but our Peach ain't one! We're proud to introduce this perfectly blended, light and refreshing, natural peach vodka Stilly. Peach out!

6-Packs The Joy Of Variety

Variety 6-Pack
Variety Pack 6 x 355mL Slim Cans

2 x Cranberry / Lime, 2 x Grapefruit, 2 x Peach

Partymaker+ Cranberry / Lime 6-Pack
Cranberry / Lime 6 x 355mL Slim Cans

6 x Cranberry / Lime

Vibe Machine Grapefruit 6-Pack
Grapefruit 6 x 355mL Slim Cans

6 x Grapefruit

The Fuzz Peach 6-Pack
Peach 6 x 355mL Slim Cans

6 x Peach

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